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Nature's Gift™ Mouth with NG concentrate, peppermint, cinnamon and ionic minerals to deep clean your mouth.

Save your empty 22 oz mouth wash bottle and use it over and over with this 2 oz refill.

22oz bottle of Mouthwash - $17.55
Please note: Due to the size of weight of the 20oz bottle, shipping charges apply.
2oz Full Concentrate Refill - $13.95
Do not use 2oz refill without diluting it!

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Regular Price: $19.95

Special Price $17.55



Nature's Gift™ Mouth with NG concentrate, peppermint, cinnamon and ionic minerals to deep clean your mouth.

Mouth Wash/Body Wipe is available as a concentrated 2 oz refill or 20 ounce ready to use solution

Ready to Use Instructions:

As a mouth wash: An unbeatable combination of deep cleaning debriding soap plus peppermint and cinnamon to destroy any organisms that are released in addition to ionic minerals to feed the cells in your mouth.

Directions: A teaspoon or so into your mouth, gargle and swish around for up to an hour or so if you desire.Then spit out or use as internal cleanse described below.

As a Body Wipe: Apply liberally to your skin as needed.

Caution: Keep away from eyes and sensitive body parts such as genitals as it may burn.

As an Internal Cleanse: After having cleaned your mouth, you can gradually swallow small amounts to cleanse your digestive, intestinal tracks, and revitalize your blood circulatory system.

Caution: Do not swallow all at once, Swallowing too fast could result in choking or a long bout of coughing.

Start with no more than one teaspoon per day and expect diarrhea in the beginning as your intestines are cleansed. Totally non toxic to swallow.

Refill Instructions:

Fill your empty 20 ounce bottle with distilled or excellent quality water and leave enough room to add the 2 ounces from this refill bottle

Next shake up and use as instructed above

Pour some of the mixed liquid back into the 2 oz refill bottle, shake and add back to the larger bottle.

You can make the strength of the mouth wash to your liking. If you want it more dilute, don't add the entire 2 oz from the refill bottle. If you want it stronger, add less water to the larger jar before adding the contents from the 2 oz refill bottle.

Caution: Do not consume or use this refill solution without diluting it as it will burn. Using it in your mouth without diluting may result in a choking hazard and or a bout of extensive coughing.

Save your empty 20 oz mouth wash bottle and use it over and over with the 2 oz refill.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Ingredients 22oz container: Distilled water, NG concentrate, peppermint, cinnamon, and ionic minerals

2oz Refill: Nature's Gift concentrate, peppermint, ionic minerals, cinnamon
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Scent No

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This stuff works in multiple ways.
This stuff works as a mouth wash terrifically. Because my immune system is so impaired, I get worms that hang around the base of my teeth. This stuff eliminates them . It also works great on actively itching skin as it cuts biofilm instantly. I have used it in my hair to cut itching. One of my favorites Review by Writer / (Posted on 11/5/2018)
Stops the itching.
I have had active Morgellon’s for 9 months. Richard’s diet is great but my active caseis due to difficulty getting the environment cleaned.
So I have itching outbreaks frequently. The mouth wash is great at soothing the irching while breaking down the biofilm filled with exo and endotoxins. I can’t manage without it. Review by Phred / (Posted on 9/2/2018)

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