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Over Come Depression CD

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Do you feel like you’re in an episode of the “Twilight Zone?”

It's hard to imagine anyone having skin parasites, such as Morgellons, and not be depressed knowing that the CDC doesn't recognize Morgellons as a disease.

I had already gotten my life back from skin parasites and then, after months of antibiotics, was threatened by Lyme disease finishing me off at age 62.

With 20 years of experience creating self help hypnotic CD’s, I created “Over Come Depression” to get beyond the hopelessness that tied me down to discover my answer to Lyme disease such that I now feel better than I did at age 30

This program is guaranteed to produce results or your money back.

In fact, it's guaranteed to be the most valuable self help CD you've every listened to or your money back.


Skin Parasites don’t attack your brain, but they do attack your state of mind. After you tried everything at home and in the drug store to get relief from itching and biting, you went to your doctor—certain he’d have a cure.

But no, he might have even laughed at you or sent you to the funny farm and you end up feeling like you’re in an episode of the Twilight Zone. You took things into your own hands and went to the internet thinking that surely, you’re not alone.

Good news—you’re not alone, but there’s and overwhelming amount of confusion there. Weeks and months pass by and you try this and that and get little if any relief. People like Joni Mitchell end up being hospitalized from it. It turns out to be Morgellons and you find conspiracy theories, and research by the CDC that says it’s in your mind.

When does depression set in? Answer: maybe one, two, three, or four paragraphs ago.

You’re overwhelmed with disinfection, approaches and confusion and the depression isn’t helping one bit—there’s no “light at the end of the tunnel.”

I know, I was there and I lived it day in and day out. I didn’t want to get up in the morning, but I had to to take a bath of near scalding water to get relief from the itching and biting. I didn’t want to go to work because I might be contagious and I was self conscious about the constant itching. I couldn’t wait to get home to jump in a hot bath for relief from the itching.

Then I discovered the diet and got my life back but I had lost ten years of life from the skin parasites and thought my life at age 62 was over from the Lyme disease that was now stealing my right knee and leg with swelling and pain.

Lyme disease was now more fearful than the skin parasites and even though I had beaten them, Lyme disease would finish me off. I had already done months of antibiotics and more antibiotics to no avail only to realize medicine did not have an answer for me.

Fortunately for me, I had a 20 year career of stress management and had created over 50 self help programs—one of them being, “Over Come Depression.”

I listened to it and found something missing—effectiveness. From my real life experience—why I had even gotten to the point where I felt guilty for driving my car as it contributed to CO2 emissions—green house gases. I would latch onto looking at a photo of my 3 yr old smiling niece to mask my mental anguish.

But, I went to work on rewriting the copy for the CD to overcome depression from which I learned to first accept my hopelessness and then released the creative self to discover the answers to overcoming my Lyme disease.

So, what is the program all about? Answer: the last sentence says it all—stop fighting hopelessness and release one’s creative self. Accepting hopelessness isn’t being tied to it, it’s the first step to change. Yes, Lyme disease no longer challenges me and at 70 yrs of age, I not only have my life back from skin parasites, but also feel like I’m 30 yrs of age.
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