Questions and Answers for Getting Your Life Back from Morgellons and Other Skin Parasites

The goal is to make your recovery as quick as possible. This page will be devoted to answering your questions. If you have a question which is not answered below or in the book, please email your question to and in the subject line write "skin question." Go to the bottom of this page to see sample results of blood examined by Bowen laboratories.

Questions and Answers:

First of all, presuming you're doing everything to disinfect your surroundings and the diet, it's not uncommon for things to get worse before they get better. The following emails demonstrate this. You may consider reapplying the soap in the middle of the night. I believe I sent you a list of things that others do to get their lives back spelling out supplements and medications which generally accelerate progress. "Regards the soap....been using for about 2 weeks. Things really got worse in the first 10 days though! Good news is lesions are beginning to heal....wonderful!! Used as a mouth gargle and for 2 days inner mouth was very painful. Lots of white specs came out though. Still have some in my mouth....they are really die-hards, but will keep on. Last week hit a downer due to things getting worse. The crying didn't help....appeared as if a tear duct got blocked - a parasite? Any way applied the soap about 3x a day and within 3 days swelling was down, lots of little grains came out and pain subsided. Proves crying doesn't help....hahaha. Still have a small little bump (feels like a pimple), but am still applying soap and every day it appears to be smaller." Debbie from South Africa. and then Renee wrote: "My first experience with soap was that it helped stop itching and biting but after using it about 5 days things did seem to get worse, I felt like I had glass itching me on the top of my feet and I thought this is making me worse, but I kept with it and it got better. The glass feeling went away, maybe they were coming out of the top of my feet. I LOVE THE SOAP NOW IT IS AWESOME . Thank You Richard

Answer: The more the better!. Initially, I suggested applying it 3 times per day after you bathe and let it dry on your skin. Apply it in every crevice--nostrils, eye lids, inside the ears, and butt crack. You don't have to make yourself wet. Using your fingers to apply, or a dry baby wipe, or cotton balls, simply wet them and wipe them over your body. But, I'm learning from others, it doesn't stop there. Add one capful of the 100% concentrate to your bath water. The 100% concentrate comes in either the larger 8 oz bottle or the tiny 2 oz bottle. Or use 2 capfuls of the 50% concentrate that comes in the 4 oz bottles. Showering: Some have reported amazing results using it as the soap to shower with and then reapply after drying from the shower. Always have some dilute soap in the small bottle it came in handy for direct application through out the day to where ever your feel parasite activity on your skin. Apply as needed.

Answer: No, it doesn't come in a bar, I'd suggest taking it in concentrated form in your checked-in baggage.

Answer: No, it won't lose it's effectiveness in either the diluted or concentrated state. It is best to keep some in the concentrated state for bathing and foot baths. Plus if you travel, they don't let you take large quantities with you.

Answer: Yes, it's the best thing for bio-film.

Answer: No, there are no chemical compounds in it to break down.

Answer: I am not a doctor and therefore can not give you any medical advice. I can only say that my doctor prescribed 1 mg in the morning and 1 mg in at night for about a week and then reduced to 1 mg at night. I can get you her number if your doctor would like to speak with her.

Answer: How to get you doctor to prescribe Orap or Zyprexa? I presume that you've been to several doctors and have baffled them all. I imagine that some of them may be suggesting that you have a phobia of biting insects, delusions of parasitosis. You can only appeal to your doctor's desire to want to help you by telling him you did some research on the internet and found someone who had the same symptoms (assuming your's is the same as mine was), and got rid of the problem by his doctor prescribing Orap or Zyprexa. You can also go to Family Practice Note book excerpt in the book where use of Orap is documented. You can also inform him that standard plug samples (biopsies), are not effective for sampling for parasites of this nature as explained in the book, Life that Lives on Man. If your general practitioner won't give you a prescription for either Orap or Zyprexa, make an appointment with another doctor or dermatologist who may be open to supervising your use of either drug.

Answer: Actually, I'm going to show you why that product for $15 is cheating you for two reasons: 1. Most likely it comes in gelatin capsules which will feed the parasites and make them happy. 2. The absolute best boost in glutathione that you can expect from a glutathione supplement is about 15% to 20%. The MaxOne product will boost your glutathione by 270%. So do the math, to get an equivalent amount of glutathione, you need 13 bottles of brand X which would cost you $195/month.

Answer: Consider that the average person produces 10% less glutathione each decade after age 20. Consider that with Morgellons that glutathione gets used up breaking the sulfur-iron bonds in the creation of the structure for Morgellons. In other words, once your glutathione is gone, Morgellons runs rampant--nothing to control it. Consider all the other factors that use of glutathione that you are exposed to every day like all other humans--pollution, radiation, pesticides, drugs, illness, stress, and so on, and you'll soon realize that for many of us we actually need to sometimes take double or triple the recommended dosage. Sometimes 270% is not enough--we have to boost it 500% or more to get through some rough spots in life.

Answer: For many reasons: 1. The Max Company makes four formulations. MaxOne is the only one that is hypoallergenic, has no other ingredients to feed the parasites, and in veggie capsule form--doesn't feed the parasites 2. Glutatione, itself, is a large molecule and gets destroyed in the stomach. MaxOne has no glutathione in it. The Japanese scientist responsible for the product, discovered a way to

Answer: Zappers have been around a long time. Few people have reported success with them. A doctor friend of mine used Rifing to get rid of his Morgellons--the frequencies are in the book. But again, few people have reported success with it. Co enzyme Q10 is another important antioxidant in the cellular structure. Like glutathione, it is difficult to actually find a supplement that significantly boosts Co Enzyme Q10. But overall, it has not been an important aspect against Morgellons. SOD is also important antioxidant, it has not been a factor in dealing with Morgellons either. I know of about 50 people who use the glutathione booster and practically zero who supplement either SOD or Co Enzyme Q10. I wouldn't say to stop taking Co Enzyme Q10, it would probably be beneficial for everyone to take it. But no one else has reported Co Enzyme Q10 a factor in getting their lives back and few have found zapping a factor too. Based on the feedback I get, I'd say that taking extra vitamin C is more important than Co Enzyme Q10. Certain statins and alcohol deplete the body of Q10 where as stress, poor diet, pollutants, illness, age, over exertion, radiation, acetaminophen (Tylenol), legal and non legal drugs, poor sleeping habits, and so on deplete glutathione.

Answer: On Stage III you can eat anything you desire but not perhaps as often as you might like. For me, for instance, I would never eat tuna in oil though. I can have any fruit I desire, I can have salad dressing on a salad, I can eat in a Chinese restaurant, I can eat peanut butter, and I can eat all the sweets I desire. But, if I had fruit for several days straight, or salad with dressing for several days straight or ate in a Chinese restaurant several days straight, Id have numerous lesions form and they'd keep forming for a week or more until I got back to Stage II for a week or so. Actually, sweets and even baked goods are not as bad an issue as oils, peanut butter, and fruits. I'm a sucker for buffets. I eat at Golden Coral, Old Country Buffet, Japanese Buffets and Chinese buffets where I can't control or even know the ingredients. Although I always avoid salad dressings, I eat basically anything I desire and at most might have one lesion. However, I ate at a new Chinese buffet last week with a lot of traditional Chinese dishes. There must have been a ton of MSG and soy in what I ate as I had lesions for about ten days forming. So I was careful afterwards in what I ate, and the lesions stopped forming.

Answer: One subscriber wrote to ask me about how to deal with depression. I’m surprised many others haven’t brought up the subject. I find it hard to believe that anyone could have these parasites with little or no support from the medical establishment and not get depressed. Before I discovered the connection with the diet and freedom of symptoms for me in the mid 90’s I thought that these parasites would take me to an early grave—not that they still won’t, but it won’t be as early as I feared. The only thing that gave me a lift from my depression was to try something new which always resulted in an ultimate let down. Almost everything I tried helped for a few days which lifted my spirits and then the floor fell out from under me. I had no guidance and no one to look to for hope. Fortunately, a friend suggested a connection between diet and symptoms and even though I thought it a crazy idea, I was grabbing at straws. Ultimately, I found an old-timer doctor who added ORAP and since then Zyprexa to the mix and life took on normalcy for nearly ten years—I even got married and had normal intimate relations. Then, after separation in early 04, I got recontaminated from stored clothing and my first thought was to end my life. Depression hit me like a cement block falling a hundred feet—just the idea of having to go back to stage one of the diet and give up ice cream, bananas, and some other goodies on Stage II of the diet, and go through disinfection of the house was enough to tempt me to end my life. But, that wasn't really depression. That was just an interim crisis. My real test came years later in 2007. The fellow I was paying to run my manufacturing company was bankrupting it--probably my fault for believing his promises without more questions. My knee had ballooned to triple the size, was extremely painful, and needless to say I was depressed. I didn't want to get up in the morning. And when I was up, I thought how useless life is. I had no interest in anything. Sometimes, the only thing that got me through the day was to look at a photo of a pretty 2 yr old girl my cousin adopted from China. Don't know why, but it helped. I could not accept that my life was basically over as a person who could walk normally and that I'd never get rid of the pain. It was like I finally got over the parasites and now this. But this (the swollen knee) was the Lyme disease that the parasites dumped on me. In the middle of all this, I had to fire the guy who was ruining my company, and take control of it again. We had credit cards maxed at $30,000 with 30% interest. It was hard to care enough to fire the guy as opposed to letting the ship sink. But, if I did that, I would lose my house and everything so I fired him. Here I was, the fellow who created an Over Come Depression CD and a Over Come Life Crisis program in the midst of a major life crisis and depression. What a test! The first step was to accept the depression. Not to wallow in it, but to accept that I was depressed. That alone was not an overnight thing, but a process of several weeks. During that time I began to aim my brain to the desired results while acknowledging where I was. And that went something like this: "I acknowledge I feel depressed. I hate this feeling and would like you, my creative intelligence, to figure a way to accept my knee or get it knee back, my business, and my life back to the point where I enjoy living. That command was the cornerstone to getting my life back. A subscriber to my parasite updates shared with me the Max Glutathione accelerator and my knee came back. I got back in the saddle of running my business and it came back in spite of the economic crash happening at the same time. Three years later, I expanded my business, moved to a new facility, and am happy to be alive. As a result of first hand experience with a genuine crisis and severe depression, I revised both the Over Come Life Crisis Program and the Over Come Depression Program--both now worth a lot more than their weight in platinum for anyone who has their state of mind in jeopardy. They are at 1. end my life 2. wallow in depression 3. discover more about the diet. I choose the latter, took a hot shower, decontaminated everything with ammonia spray, and made an appointment with my doctor for Zyprexa. So, don’t fight depression. Instead, flow with it and look for options. Aim your brain for creative options to learn, benefit others, get beyond it and your creative self will come through for you. It’s like trying to remember someone’s name—the more you effort at it and fight not knowing, the more elusive the person’s name is, shortly after you say, “heck with it,” the name comes to you. When you experience the emotion—whatever it is, it disappears—it’s history. Not that it might not return, in which case you go through it and let it go again.

Answer: Keep the diets sacred—for me any medication was a waste without the diet! I consider my infestation as serious as cancer and I know in communicating with many others that I was very fortunate in finding some early coping methods such as massive dosages of garlic and the diet that kept me sane and kept me from developing many ugly complications such as big subcutaneous masses that I’ve heard about, the lint-like substance, the biting that seems to reach the end of the nerves… Recent information bears out the necessity of Stage I to be maintained until the feelings of itching and biting are history. For years I promoted the diet as a leaf on a tree figuring that once someone found the cure, the diet would be unnecessary. I now see the diet as the root and trunk of the tree and have come to realize that without the diet, no treatment (nutritional, medical, homeopathic, rifing...) will cure without the diet--it's that important.

Answer: I believe this is something relatively new in the last few years where they list sugars and carbohydrates in grams per serving. Even though there may be no sugar listed in the ingredients, there may be sugar content in the food from the breakdown of the carbohydrates (carbs). Ideally, you're shooting for the lowest number possible whenever possible (zero). Seeing the 2 or 3 grams, I'd want to know what the carbs are and the nature of the carbs, i.e., simple or complex. Obviously, complex carbs are preferred to simple carbs, and whenever possible, zero carbs till you get through the detox period which may be another week or so. Now there may be a few complex carbs such as brown rice that may not be an issue. I don't know how much an issue would be for rye. And there are some grains I never got around to testing, barley, oats, spelt, and kamut. FYI, simple carbs are generally refined grains as in white rice, puffed cereals, crackers where the grain may be bleached and the kernel broken down to make it easy and fast to prepare as in Minute Rice. Complex carbs are unrefined grains (simply crushed grains), as in brown rice, cereals made of flakes using whole grain, and crackers likewise made of whole grain and bran.

Answer: Assuming that you are on the diet, the best thing is to have a small bottle of Nature's Gift™Debriding Soap at the bed side and apply it to where ever is needed. And it obviously helps if you have your doctor prescribe ORAP, Zyrexa, Doxepin, or Abilify and add MaxOne Glutathione accelerator to your regime

Answer: All skin parasites produce the same basic symptoms of crawling, itching, biting, rashes, nonhealing lesions, black specks, and bumps under the skin. Morgellons is also associated with cotton-like balls in clothing and bedding, colored fibers growing from lesions, lower body temperature, and various forms of debris coming from the skin in the forms of bug-like things, worms, and so on. Collembola is associated with nothing in the last sentence about Morgellons, but instead a feeling of something invisible jumping on your ankles, lower legs and face. Both are highly contagious to others, but not everyone is susceptible to catching it. Strongyloides has all the basic symptoms, however, no one is not susceptible to it. Everyone exposed through contact will contract it. It is far rarer than Collembola or Morgellons. Skin fungus is characterized by crawling, itching and burning sensations with rashes. It is contagious to everyone and everyone is susceptible to it. .

Answer: Three things: 1. Make sure your dryer, it's vent piping and where it discharges is disinfected. 2. You can use more than one cup of bleach or ammonia in your laundry--two or more if necessary. 3. I'd suspect that they are in other areas of your environment--rugs, chairs, mattress, shoes, slippers... and all the other places listed in step #5 of the main report. Also, if you still have shinny specks on your body, i.e. when sun light strikes your skin, do you see hundreds of tiny shinny sphere-like spots? If so, I suspect that they are the eggs of one of the species of mites or parasites (and I can't say for certain if it's a mite, but definitely a parasite) that haven't hatched yet so you're going to be constantly fighting them until they're hatched. I don't know exactly after my original infestation when they disappeared from my body, but I do know that I used near scalding baths sometimes two times per day. Dr. Harvey in the discussion I had with him suggested as cold a bath as you can stand, but I don't know what affect this might have on the eggs--perhaps once they've hatched the cold bath, but I believe the hot bath will expedite their hatching.

Answer: The instructions on the package of diatomaceous earth from don't specifically cover these parasites. The instructions say, "Fleas: Thoroughly treat floor and bedding in and around pet's sleeping quarters. Treat surrounding cracks and crevices, baseboards, carpeting, and wherever fleas are suspected. There is no caution against using for human use or in bedding, however under the heading "Hazards to Humans and Domestic Animals" It says. "Caution: Causes moderate eye irritation. Avoid contact with eyes. Use adequate ventilation and avoid breathing dust. Wear a suitable dust mask when using this product during prolonged exposure." I didn't want to breathe the stuff so I used a dust mask and initially bought a duster for $30, but later I misplaced it and accomplished the same thing by placing the diatomaceous earth in a sock and shook it to dispense the dust. I used it only on mattress and the bottom side of the comforter. I used diluted ammonia (1part ammonia to about 3 or 4 parts water) to spray the mattress cover and top of comforter as I didn't launder them on a daily basis like I did the sheets. But don't get too hung up on what to dust and not to dust--that's just what I did. The most important thing is to minimize breathing the actual dust and getting the dust in your eyes so unless you're beating your bedding to make dust, there shouldn't be a big problem as to how you're using the diatomaceous earth.

If they rode in the seat you use, they may start itching. Some of the doctors don't believe that persons with strong immune systems will be affected. My experience says that one of two things will happen if they contract it: 1. Itching and biting within 72 hrs 2. Experience papules (like a mosquito bite) which if treated with caladryl, ziradryl, or calamine lotion will disappear in a few days, other wise, they might worsen and multiply.

Answer: Most people don't report much success with them. There are other things that can be done such as spraying dilute ammonia and mix in a half capful of concentrated debriding soap with it. Since you have them on your body, you'd need to disinfect your surroundings every day anyway until the itching is gone--I sprayed ammonia solution (diluted approx four parts water to one part ammonia) and you no longer feel them jumping on your ankles or legs.

Answer: Yes, if your home is sick. Sources could be backed up sewer, slime mold problem, leaks that get into the walls and create mold, outside infestation that you can't control, and so on. But, if you're dealing with an infestation that you brought into your home such having picked it up from sitting in the barber's chair, or from a bird nest, and so on, you can get rid of them from your environment. Those who move, must also disinfect all belongings and furniture, otherwise you'll take the infestation with you.

Thanks for your note. Gluten is generally associated with wheat products and for some people it is a problem and they have to avoid it. There are some who can not eat rice either without getting activation. The irony is that spelt is a distant cousin to wheat--referred as the grandfather of modern wheat. But according to "But it's not just good taste that has caught the attention of consumers on this side of the Atlantic . The grain is naturally high in fiber, and contain significantly more protein than wheat. Spelt is also higher in B complex vitamins, and both simple and complex carbohydrates. Another important benefit is that some gluten-sensitive people have been able to include spelt-based foods in their diets." However, it does not say that spelt has "no gluten", it does mention that wheat was developed over the years to have a high gluten content. What was your source as to the gluten content in spelt as no mention of gluten is in the above reference? I generally don't test flours that mention a relationship to wheat--there was no reference to wheat on the flour package or the packaged bread so being the guinea pig that I am, I tested it and found no reaction--no itching and no papules) as opposed to barley which contributed to formation of papules. How are you doing with the diet? Anything you'd like to share is greatly appreciated. For years I thought the diet was more like a leaf of a tree and once one was on the right medical or nutritional treatment (yet to be discovered) diet would be unnecessary. Now I see the diet as being the root and trunk of the tree and seriously don't believe any medical, nutritional, homeopathic, rifing... will solve the problem without the diet. As far as spelt goes, I could only say to test it. Testing is best when you have just been on the diet a few days and have gotten rid of the itch and biting as opposed to being on the diet for a couple of months as in my experience it takes much longer to react.

Answer: I don't know the answer. I'm 99.5% symptom free, but still dealing with the LYME and maybe protozoan. And I assume the strawberry marks won't go away until the Lyme and protozoan infection is gone!!

Answer: I recommend the real thing, but there are advantages to a supplement. We're looking bringing in a supplement where one capsule is equivalent to 35 cloves of garlic--a tremendous antibiotic. A month's supply is about $40. Contact our office for more details at 732-531-1123 or email me at knic2 (at)

Answer: Bowen lab is no longer in existence. The book has a new lab listed, but this is what the laboratory found in my blood. The one on the bottom is one of my red cells giving birth to the organisms.