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Welcome To The Parasite Store 

In accordance with FDA regulations, I must advise you that the products you'll find here are for cleaning your skin and building general health and well being
and are not for treating, curing, or mitigating any physical ailment or disease.

Our store was started in 2014 to help those suffering from skin parasites such as Morgellons, mites, skin fungus, and Collembola

The first product we had was our "flag ship" Nature's Gift® Debriding Soap concentrate.
It's purpose is to deep clean (debride) the skiin to remove debris so that the skin can function more normally without the presence of debris. Debris is everything that doesn't belong in the skin.

Deep cleaning of the skin is accomplished by bathing with a teaspoon or two of the concentrate along with any one or combination of many disinfectants to destroy organisms extracted from the skin. It's also applied as a diluted solution to the skin during the day.
You'll see Nature's Gift® featured below as a 50% concentrate 4 oz trial size or a 9 oz 100% concentrate.

From that one basic item, Nature's Gift® concentrate we've added gels, bar and liquid shower soaps, lotions, and skin creams--most with Nature's Gift Concentrate as an ingredient.
While this store was started for Morgellons and related parasites, the products can also be used for eczema, psoriasis, ring worm, lice, acne, and so on.
They can be used even as a cleanser for skin cancer, shingles, feminine hygine, and so on.

Our Beauty ForeverTM line of skin salon grade products, containing Nature's Gift® concentate, rival the best products in the world and will not only hydrate, revitalize, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles on your skin, but also deep clean and keep your skin vibrant as only a Nature's Gift® product can.

Relief is just a soap away™

FDA regulatins also require that I advise you to counsult with your doctor before accepting any recommendations to maks sure they do not conflict with any medical probless you are experiencing.

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